Unrivalled connections with organisations


EMERALD since its inception has worked with a number of leading organisations in numerous capacities, ranging from co-hosting events, through to providing a platform for others to raise their profile at EMERALD hosted events.

EMERALD is proud to remain an independent volunteer-run social enterprise with NO affiliation to any organisation nor political parties, which are one of the key distinguishing features of EMERALD.

To-date, EMERALD has worked with the following organisations and entities, past and present, in various capacities (list not exhaustive). We are proud of the long list of collaborations, making us the leading network of its type with such credentials of links:

  • Accenture Muslim Network/Interest Group
  • Allah Made Me Funny (USA Comedians' UK tour)
  • Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML)
  • Association of Muslim Police (AMP)
  • City Circle (CC)
  • Civil Service Islamic Society
  • Deloitte Muslim Network (DMN)
  • Eid in the Square (Mayor of London)
  • Elevation Arts
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • FCO Islamic Network
  • Global Peace & Unity (GPU)
  • Grant Thornton Muslim Network
  • HSBC Islamic Society
  • IFIS
  • Islam Channel
  • Islamic Federation for Ecology and Environment (IFEE)
  • IslamicCourses.org
  • Islamic Society of Britain (ISB)
  • Islamic Travels
  • Islamic Relief (IR)
  • KPMG Islamic Society
  • MADE
  • MeetMyMuslimMate (The Official endorsed marriage event organisation)
  • MPN
  • MUJU
  • Muslim Aid
  • Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)
  • Muslim Doctors Association (MDA)
  • Muslim Hands (MH)
  • Muslim Accountants Network (MAN)
  • Muslim Writers Awards (MWA)
  • Muslim Youth Helpline¬†(MYH)
  • National Zakat Foundation (NZF)
  • National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP)
  • Orphans in Need (OIN)
  • Qur'an Study Group (QSG)
  • Restless Beings (RB)
  • Selfless
  • SOS Childrens Villages Pakistan
  • South London Supplementary School (SLSS)
  • St Ethelburgas Centre for Peace & Reconciliation
  • Ulfa Aid
  • Urban Muslim Womens Show (UMW)
  • Utrujj Foundation
  • Venturepreneurs
  • WharfMA
  • Zakat House
  • ... AND OTHERS - Please note - EMERALD has no affiliation with ANY of the above listed entities, we have merely collaborated in various capacities to host, manage or promote respective events since EMERALD's inception.

Please contact us if there is a project or event which you believe could be mutually beneficial to work with EMERALD on - as you can appreciate, being run on a volunteer-basis, there are many instances due to competing demands, we may not be able to assist but we hope very much to collaborate.



2006 BBC2
2007 FCO


Third Anniversary event at the iconic and landmark Foreign and Commonwealth Office venue.



The hughly acclaimed Hajj Exhibition at British Museum played host to EMERALD's 8th Anniversary.



A journey of a lifetime, trip to Jordan and Jerusalem, which will be repeated for Ramadan, to spend the final 10 days in the holy city of Jerusalem.

#ramadanmubarak Looking forward to #IftarOnTheThames on Friday - thanks for booking!
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#RamadanMubarak to all emerald members, family and friends!