Individual and Collective benefit - some examples

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Hassen Rasool on CH4

For the first time A British terrestrial TV channel is to broadcast The Adhan (the Muslim call to prayer) during Ramadan 2013.
Hassen Rasool will make the call to prayer every day at around 3am for 30 days on Channel 4. Please tune in and spread the word. (link promoted)

Urdu teacher sought by Azmat

"Does anyone know of a really good Urdu teacher/ Tutor who can offer private lessons to read and write Urdu to beginners adult? ... London based?....Whether its male or female, any contacts would be appreciated." - responses from members featured suggestions

Room available by Martyna

"Salams, single room available to rent immediately for female Muslim near Turnpike Lane Station in a clean and spacious flat" - often listed by those seeking or letting accomodation

Luton social by Nazma

"Salaam All,
I've noticed there are a growing number of Lutonians infiltrating various events in London. So thought it would be nice to have a dinner in Luton before Ramadan".

Sports event by Omar

‪#‎Muslims‬ & ‪#‎Sports‬ Workshop in partnership with CISD Sport and Diplomacy Colloquium at SOAS this Saturday 6th July. Book tickets via: http:// uk/

Tammana seeking work placement

"Salaam all, I am a digital film graduate and I am looking to get into some sort of post production company that does motion graphics, graphic design, filming, photography or branding/advertising" - response featured suggested companies in London from members.

Pocket Guide to Ramadan

Shaziya shared a Pocket Guide to Ramadan in our group, benefitting members, well received.

"Salaam all. Does anyone know which is the best phone App for easily reading the Quran?" [by Mohammed, London]

Following the advice received on the Wall post in the Emerald Facebook Group - "ust downloaded iQuran Lite. Its simply awesome! Jazzakallah everyone for enlightening me with your wonderful recommendations. Hope you all have a blessing ramadhan".

Darren Cheesman's guide on getting most out of Ramadan

"...invite to non-Muslims to join in with Ramadan. Whether religious or not, our blessed month has benefit to all of man kind. The attached is my view on how non-Muslims can get the most out of our 'Month of Training'

Benefitted members - "This is brilliant" by Monshur; "Always enjoy listening to your advice and speeches" by Nadia

"Consult with experts..." [Farhan, Film Maker, Writer, VFX Artist]

"Going to an Emerald event is like attending a specialist seminar where you can interact and consult with experts of your choice, In the past event alone I met people from internet marketing, design, music,  business planning, app developers etc. who I was able to talk about my projects with.  Within ten minutes or so they provided me with advice and ideas that I wouldn't have been able to find through forums and traditional routes.  It really is a great opportunity to network, one that should not be missed." 


Post your listing via the EMERALD facebook group Wall - insh'Allah fellow members will be able to assit with your request, OR raise in-person at an event.
#ramadanmubarak Looking forward to #IftarOnTheThames on Friday - thanks for booking!
#Ramadan featured postings on
#RamadanMubarak to all emerald members, family and friends!